Welcome to our site!


Welcome to our blog!  We are thrilled that you have made your way here and hope we leave you with flower fever and maybe a tip or two that is of interest for you to try for yourself! We believe everyone has an inner-“green thumb” just waiting to blossom. The first thing you should know about us is that we are flower farmers and not bloggers--no big deal just thought you should know right from the beginning.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Heine Photography

Photo Courtesy of Mike Heine Photography

Speaking of beginnings, October marks the end of our 2016 growing season. LOL you might be thinking why would you start a blog about flower farming at the end of the growing season? (We are literally days away from a killing frost as of this writing.) Well, the first thought that comes to mind is that we miss the connections, farmer-friend relationships that we have forged for the past four years, whether one of our  brides, grooms, florist, or farmers’ market friends we have gushed together over vessels holding beautiful flowers tantalizing our taste buds for more. Yes, a simple flower is potent, inspiring a kinship among there admirers. 

The next reason is we heard from so many of you how much you missed the flowers over the winter and we thought it might lift your spirits to watch them grow via the blog, giving you more of an understanding about our stewardship in bringing you the best buds we know how, and excite you for our 2017 symphony of flowers!

That brings me to the surprise! 2017 flowers are already breaking ground! This IS the very start of our 2017 season and we are so grateful for the unbelievable support you have given us over the years we thought it would be a real treat to bring you along on our flower farmin’ adventures from the very start of the 2017 season.

These are one of the first flowers we start harvesting in late February and March; they are bright, bold, and beautiful colors that sing, “Hallelujah!  Spring is just around the bend.” 

With 2017 already well under way we have some catching up to do, so let get started! Follow along as we seed, nurture, and grow, beautiful, bountiful, unique botanicals in the heart of St. Louis city


From Two Urban Buds Mimo & Miranda + our best bud ever: baby August.


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