The History of Our Farm by Michelle Newman Brady

Our Farm Today

Our Farm Today

Urban Buds: City Grown Flowers, as it currently operates, was founded in February of 2012 by Miranda Duschack and Karen “Mimo” Davis.  The South St. Louis City farmstead is located seven miles south of the St. Louis Gateway Arch and dates to 1870.  In 1905, the farm was purchased by the Held family.  For three consecutive generations, the Held’s farmed the property in vegetables and flowers for sale in St Louis.  In 1925 they opened a retail florist shop, and by the 1950’s were operating several glass greenhouses, one of which still stands. 

Held Florist: The retail shop!

The property shrunk over the years as pieces were sold off for development.   In the mid-1990s the Held’s sold the business.  The property changed hands several times until Urban Buds purchased it in 2012 with the intention of continuing the farming tradition.  The land totals about an acre, one glass greenhouse remains as does the former florist shop.  The rehab on these distressed structures continues.  The side growing yard benefited from its years of dormancy, and at the time of tillage soil tests placed it at a stellar 8% organic matter.   Now the property is planted in flowers, 70 different varieties are grown annually.